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Benjamin Franklin

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Benjamin Franklin Biography

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Benjamin Franklin: An American Life

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Benjamin Franklin

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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is the traditional name for the unfinished record of his own life written by Benjamin Franklin from to ; however, Franklin himself appears to have called the work his Memoirs.

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is the traditional name for the unfinished record of his own life written by Benjamin Franklin from to ; however, Franklin himself appears to have called the work his Memoirs. Nov 09,  · Watch video · Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17,in colonial Boston.

His father, Josiah Franklin (), a native of England, was a candle and soap maker who married twice and had 17 children. Quick Biography of Benjamin Franklin: Benjamin Franklin, a printer by trade, a scientist by fame, and a man of action by all accounts, continues to.

Benjamin Franklin His Autobiography 1706-1757

Mar 04,  · Watch video · A short biography on Benjamin Franklin, who's been famously called the "first Citizen of the 18th Century." A man of many trades, Franklin is famous for "Poor Richard's Almanac," as well as his. Benjamin Franklin (January 17, – April 17, ) was an American statesman and scientist.

He has also been known as "the First American". He was a very important person in the American Revolution and helped make the Thirteen Colonies one nation.

Ben franklin biography
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