Christians sharing a gospel in the book tactics by gregory koukl

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Greg Koukl

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1 Gregory Koukl, Tactics. Zondervan, 2 This concept of “placing a pebble” is referenced in Tactics and various lectures given by multiple Summit speakers.

Tactics A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions is released on total pages, written Gregory Koukl with Serial number: zNFAMejLgmYC, while the genre of this book is Religion useful and informative. Jul 22,  · James Boccardo on Sharing the Gospel "I hear professional athletes say they still get nervous before playing in a big game.

I hear musicians say the same thing about concerts. So what do we do now as Christians in a post-Christian culture?

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Os Guinness has some thoughts about our “third mission to the West” in his book Renaissance: The Power of the Gospel However Dark the Times. The first mission to the West centered on the conversion of the Roman Empire. Many Christians want to share the gospel with others, but because those Christians don't grasp the fundamentals of witnessing, they feel intimidated and incapable of sharing the truth of the gospel.

Yet those believers fail to recognize that God has already established who and how we are to evangelize. My rating: 7/ The author of this book is the founder and president of Stand to Reason which is a Christian Apologetics organization aimed at training Christians to think clearly and defend Christianity in an “intellectually fair, gracious, and incisive” way.

Here Koukl offers us what he calls the “Ambassador Model” as a way of teaching us how to be diplomatic about our faith.

Christians sharing a gospel in the book tactics by gregory koukl
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