Functional group interconversion retrosynthesis

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Functional Group Interconversion

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The agency would be pleased to discuss any cases where questions exist regarding the definition of is called retrosynthesis, Functional Group. Relrosynthesis byFunctional Group Interconversion (FGI) 4 Choice ofReagents 5 Retrosynthesis by Making a Disconnection 6 WhatMakesa GoodSynthesis?

8 CHAPTER Protective Groups 11 Protection of Ketones and Aldehydes 12 Protection ofAlcohols 12 Ether Protective GroupsforAlcohols Functional Group Interconversion.

David Milstein at the Weizmann Institute of Science reported (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.52, ) the unusual deamination of amine 1 to alcohol 3 catalyzed by ruthenium complex 2. In the reverse sense, Qing Xu at Wenzhou University found (Adv.

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Synth. ASPECTS OF ORGANIC SYNTHESIS STRATEGY / RETROSYNTHESIS N P OR H H N P OP' OP' 94JOC N P SPh H H OP' N P OP' PhS 97SL N P S H H • functional group interconversion self explanatory • hydrolysis • protection of carbonyl retrosynthetic analysis is useless unless it can be achieved in the laboratory BnO OH BnO OH O BnO O OH BnO.

Retrosynthetic Analysis Basic Concept The symbol signifies a reverse synthetic step and is called a transform. The main transforms are disconnections, or cleavage of C-C bonds, and functional group interconversions(FGI) Retrosynthetic analysis involves the disassembly of a TM into.

Functional group interconversion retrosynthesis
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