Jose rizal in madrid vandalized

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Rizal Monument

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Rizal´s monument cleaned after being vandalized

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The Rizal Monument (original title: Motto Stella, Latin, "guiding star") is a memorial in Rizal Park in Manila, Philippines built to commemorate the executed Filipino nationalist, José Rizal. The monument consists of a standing bronze sculpture of Rizal, with an obelisk, set on a stone base within which his remains are redoakpta.comon: Rizal Park, Manila.

Close-up view of Jose Rizal's statue at the Rizal Monument, Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines ↑ "Rizal´s monument cleaned after being vandalized". Embassy of the Philippines in Madrid, Spain. "PNoy begins 4-nation European trip at Madrid's Rizal monument".

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GMA News. Philippines. The Rizal Monument (original title: Motto Stella, Latin, "guiding star") is a memorial in Rizal Park in Manila, Philippines built to commemorate the executed Filipino nationalist, José Rizal. The monument consists of a standing bronze sculpture of the Rizal, with an obelisk, set on a stone base within which his remains are interred.

The obverse side shows an image of Jose Rizal with his face in full view. The image, I think, is taken from his last studio shot in Madrid, Spain. The tails side shows a new design/logo of BSP. Mar 24,  · Cienna Madrid at the Slog has Amor Spiritual Center vandalized with hate graffiti; hs construction development dpd el centro de la raza festival food forest gardening jefferson community center jefferson park jose rizal park lewis park library light rail light rail station lost pets metro mid-beacon music nbhc nbhc meeting.

The Philippine Embassy in Madrid reported that the base of Dr. José Rizal´s monument in the Avenida de Las Islas Filipinas in Madrid was cleaned on the afternoon of November It was vandalized with red spray paint on November

Jose rizal in madrid vandalized
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