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My Friend Pedro: Arena, a free online Shooting game brought to you by Armor Games. Use acrobatics, reflexes and a sh*t tone of bullets to gain the highest score in one of the six available levels! This game has all the exciting bits from the original 'My Friend Pedro', but put in the new context of Arena-mode, a mode which will put your survival instinct to the test!

Apple's new A12X Bionic is the most powerful mobile chipset to date.

New Chief Executive Officer appointed to ARENA

Let Me Run is an amazing program for boys that teach about respect, healthy self-expression & much more! If you’d like more info dm me your email & I’ll send you what you need to. See all upcoming events at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle, the North East's largest concert and exhibition venue.

Villas Mar y Arena Puerto San Carlos– Delfin room, June 4. This is a very unique resort that Adolfo “Fito” has developed on the beach in Puerto San Carlos. Terrific water views. Rooms have a double and single bed with the typical hard mattress. Unique, pleasing and spacious room design, with a large bathroom.

Mr arena
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