Not guilty by reason of insanity

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Insanity Defense

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Insanity defense

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not guilty by reason of insanity 1: a plea by a criminal defendant who intends to raise an insanity defense used in jurisdictions that require such a plea in order for an insanity defense to be presented. Apr 11,  · Gein pled not guilty under reason of insanity and was deemed legally insane.

After a 11 year stint in the hospital for the criminally insane, he was tried. A defendant found "not guilty by reason of insanity" (or legally insane) cannot be convicted for crimes committed as a result of certain mental conditions, since willful intent is required for most convictions.

Apr 11,  · Gein pled not guilty under reason of insanity and was deemed legally insane. After a 11 year stint in the hospital for the criminally insane, he was tried in and was found guilty of first degree murder.

An important distinction: "Not guilty by reason of insanity" and "diminished capacity" Although a defense known as "diminished capacity" bears some resemblance to the "reason of insanity" defense (in that both examine the mental competence of the defendant), there are important differences. Not guilty by reason of insanity is a plea by a criminal defendant who admits the criminal act, but claims he/she was so mentally disturbed at the time of the crime that he/she lacked the mental capacity necessary to commit a crime.

Not guilty by reason of insanity
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