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Pathology: A Modern Case Study

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Cardiovascular Pathology is a bimonthly journal that presents articles on topics covering the entire spectrum of cardiovascular disease. The. Pathology and Microbiology for Mortuary Science is a comprehensive book for the study of pathology and microbiology written for mortuary science students, as a resource for educators, and as a reference for funeral directors and embalmers.

Each case has complete full blood count and white cell differential results including morphology for all cell types. There is a provisional and differential diagnosis and a list of further tests and expected results.

The Study Companion contains practical information and helpful tools, including: Speech-Language Pathology test is regularly updated to take into account new developments in the field. Developing case histories 2.

Selecting appropriate assessment instruments, procedures, and materials. At a time when many journals have cut back on the publication of case reports, Human Pathology: Case Reports is an Open Access online journal devoted solely to the publication of quality case reports, which involve all aspects of pathology, regardless of the system affected.

The journal welcomes case report submissions and "Images in Pathology" submissions covering the spectrum of pathology. Case studies engage learners and offer opportunities for active learning. In a case study, questions of major importance can be discussed, without “lecturing or telling students the ‘right’.

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