Physics timeline

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Experimentation was the method, and mathematics the language, of a powerful, coherent body of knowledge called classical physics. For a few years before and after the turn of the century, the world was taking a breather from war and rebellion.

Physics Education Research (PER) includes lists of articles on how students learn physics and how research results can improve physics instruction, as well as a listing of PER groups in the U.S.

History of Physics offers the Century of Physics timeline, the AIP Center for the history of physics, and sites on women in physics and African. Dec 08,  · Site Map. Annotated Timeline Dates extend to ; those marked "c." are approximate.

Dates in red are from the basic timeline of events related to "From Stargazers to Starships". Dates in black are from the history of society and technology, and are meant to provide a broader context for the dates of the basic list.

For an extensive list of links on the history of physics. Physics & Astronomy Zone @ZonePhysics.

Physics Timeline

Science Educational Website Welcome to the official page physics & astronomy page is primarily Dedicated to physics and astronomy lovers. Timeline of the Development of Quantum Theory and the Discovery of Fundamental Matter and Force Particles.

Physics timeline
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