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Senri Side character - Rewrite: Oka-ken Katsudou Kiroku Gaiden: Voiced by: Kitamura Eri: Description. The president of the Occult Research Society who is called the "witch of the academy".

Within the school, she is famous among some of the students for being an existence above the rules. 1girl, blonde hair, breasts, brown eyes, cape, covering, covering crotch, covering nipples, halloween, hat, highres, long hair, naked cape, navel, nekogoya, nude.

Find great deals on eBay for telephone card japan. Shop with confidence. The visual novel character Akane Senri is a teen with past waist length blonde / yellow hair and yellow eyes. The visual novel character Akane Senri is a teen with past waist length blonde / yellow hair and yellow eyes.

Rewrite Riraito Rewrite りらいと by.


Rewrite - High Priestess Senri Akane IN STOCK Japanese Version! New, Never Opened and box in EXCELLENT condition! *Spoiler* Wonder what happens when he realizes he's like 5 years older than her and that he kind of took care of her when she was a kid.

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