Sandakan death march

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How to get from Sandakan Airport (SDK) to Sepilok Jungle Resort by bus, taxi or car

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Mar 23,  · Discussion of the Sandakan Death March, as it is known, has been largely confined to Australia, where it has been called that country's worst military tragedy.

"It's not a forgotten story, but no one ever came back to tell it," said Colonel Martin Cooper, London's representative at the ceremonies last week. The Sandakan “death march” remains the greatest single atrocity committed against Australians in war.

The AIF section of a cemetery at Sandakan.

Sandakan Death Marches

InAllied POWs were marched at gunpoint through the Borneo rainforest by their Japanese captors. Only six would survive. More than 60 years later, I set out to retrace that event and to help bring the story home.

Approximately people were left at Sandakan after the second march departed.

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Most prisoners were so ill that the Japanese initially intended to let them starve to death forcing many to scavenge in the surrounding forest for food. However, on 9 June it was decided to send another group of 75 men on a final march.

Sandakan death march
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