Therapeutic benefits of play therapy

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What Are The Benefits of Play Therapy?

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What Are The Benefits of Play Therapy?

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Home» Library» Parenting» Helping a Child Through Play Therapy. Helping a Child Through Play Therapy. By Jane Framingham, Ph.D. As such, play can be therapeutic, helping a child deal.

Greenwich Play Therapy - Liz O'Brien, Licensed and Board Certified Professional Counselor. The benefits of Play Therapy include children becoming more self-aware, learning self control, developing empathy, learning healthier way to interact with others and learning to correct their misunderstandings.

What Are The Benefits of Play Therapy?

Helping a Child Through Play Therapy

Children experience a therapeutic relationship with the play therapist; the play therapist provides an environment for the child that encourages healthy growth and development, improves self-esteem, allows self-expression, facilitates problem-solving, and supports the development of self-control;.

Play therapy builds on the developmental task of play as the therapist supports the child in using the play to resolve problems. Engagement in play therapy allows children to experience (in the present) control and gain mastery. The play therapist can teach the parents how to utilize play therapy techniques in their home so that the therapeutic process can continue in between therapy sessions and even when the therapeutic relationship has been terminated.

The truth is that, the amount of time children have to play on daily basis has decreased dramatically.

Therapeutic benefits of play therapy
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What Are The Benefits of Play Therapy